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  • Testimonial: Lea Bou Zeid
    Testimonial: Lea Bou Zeid
    Sat, July 23rd , 2022 /
  • Reem & Mokhtar
    Reem & Mokhtar
    Mon, February 21st , 2022 /
  • Christy Saliba
    Christy Saliba
    Sat, August 14th , 2021 /

    Passing her Lebanese official exams was one of the greatest moments of her life, and it was our pleasure to help her achieve her goal

  • Claire Al Koatly
    Claire Al Koatly
    Sun, July 4th , 2021 /

    A dedicated mother and brilliant educator gives her testimonial on the best quality educational services offered to her kids by etcetera

  • Eliane Fakhry
    Eliane Fakhry
    Sun, January 3rd , 2021 /

    Thank you Eliane for trusting our services

  • Mayssa Osseiran
    Mayssa Osseiran
    Tue, May 1st , 2018 /

    Mrs. Osseiran talks about the tremendous leap her son made in French

  • Sybele Samhoun
    Sybele Samhoun
    Wed, January 24th , 2018 /

    Former TV presenter, Sybele Samhoun, talks about how her son made tremendous improvement in math

  • SAT Success
    SAT Success
    Wed, January 24th , 2018 / Celine Dajani

    Improve your score in no time