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Harness Your Creativity: “Creativity is intelligence having fun” – A.E.

Sun, November 11th , 2018
Author: Jad Abou Akar Expert: Nadia Tabbara

Whether your child wants to grow up to be an artist, an engineer, a doctor or an executive, no matter what their chosen profession really ends up being, in today’s competitive world, creativity makes up a huge part of their future success and their ability to stand out. In fact, it is almost a certainty that the complex tech world we were able to develop and evolve started with a spark of creativity, that “Eureka!” moment. 

To learn more about how creativity can be a road map to greatness,etcetera spoke to expert Nadia Tabbara, author of the book “Harness Your Creativity”, and learned more about what this magic ingredient is and how to reignite its spark inthe minds of our future generations.

Creative Recycling…When It’s all Been Done Before…

Have you ever gotten an ultra-cool idea that sent “Aha!” shivers up your spine and struck you with a blinding faith that you were about to revolutionize the world, only to find out that someone else has been there and done that?

The truth of the matter is, every single idea that has ever blossomed in your probing mind has been thought of, suggested, or implemented by someone else throughout our human existence. 

Nadia Tabbara asserts this view, claiming that the only differentiator is how we can take an idea that has long been and express it: “Ideas are never new, and they will never be, they can only be different because of the way that we shape them.” 

So, you ask yourself ‘how does this high-tech world remain ever-changing if it’s all been done before?’ This is where creativity sows itself into our thoughts and sprouts innovation! According to Nadia, who is a creativity coach herself, “Through my research and experiences, I would say creativity is anyone’s personal self-expression; it is the ultimate truth that links to the innovation of today’s world.”

She believes the creativity seedling is found in each and every one of us and goes on to add, “Everybody is creative, and nobody lacks anything to be able to express themselves creatively; they only have to dig deeper to find their voice.”

Is It a Competition of Creative Juices and How Big Is my Cup?

Seeing that creativity comes from a power house that every human being possesses in their brain, we stop to wonder just how much of it we have and whether it may hit the ceiling at some point.

Nadia tackles this by explaining that, “Just like anything else, creativity spans on a spectrum, and just as I stress in my book, it is relevant in every field of work.” Nadia suggests that creativity can be expanded through practice and being your most authentic self when it comes to speaking out your mind. 

She insists that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to expressing ourselves in creative ways. “When it comes to creative limitations, I’m not sure the limit exists at any given time. However, in a lot of cases, people don’t work on bettering their creative thinking, that is where one can sense a kind of limitation.” 

Fact or Myth: Only Art Has Room for Creativity?

Nadia clarifies this misconception which has many convinced that creativity is exclusive to certain fields. “When it comes to creative arts, such as music, film, creative writing and different creative expressions; creativity is set at hyper speed, and that’s why people link creativity to those endeavors.” 

She assures those who are seeking to unleash this part of themselves that, “Creativity has always been linked to the arts, however creative thinking and the building of original thought stem out of every single life challenge that needs a solution”, she elaborates “from parenting and your relationship with your child, to business planning and everything in between.”

Nadia especially encourages parents to harness their child’s creativity, “The most creative people in the world are mathematicians, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs. Helping your children understand their own creativity is like guiding them to learning how to learn, and that shapes a big chunk of their success and achievements.” 

Academia: Taking Over Creativity?  

At this point, we can see clearly that the entire world has emerged from the creative mind. Nonetheless, if we want to better construct and paint a creative world that is at its supreme, we have to educate the youth on how to think creatively. 

Nadia shares her thoughts on the schooling system, “I can’t speak for all schools, but academia in general doesn’t have the time or room to invest in individual practices with students.”

She goes on to ponder her early years: ”When I was a child, I would always be told what to do, yet not how to do it, and after facing some trouble understanding certain material, I would start doubting my cognitive capabilities”. Indeed, as Nadia has recounted, the limitations of any educational system have left most learners feeling incapable, and that should not be.

Nadia, however, took this on as a challenge and enhanced her own grit and thinking. “I started figuring out methods and creating my own learning techniques.”  She carries on her message to young thinkers and parents, “This is exactly what I mean by learning how to learn and realizing your full potential at understanding whatever you are trying to learn; this is how one ends up developing better outputs.” 

Bottom line is, most people do not delve into the pits of their creativity because schools have not taught them how to think creatively from earlier stages in their lives. Nowadays, educators need to move beyond the use of dry-logic techniques entailing memorization and torturous repetition and give young minds the creative thinking tools to perceive the world and better comprehend it.

Nadia Tabbara is a writer and creativity coach who has been researching, developing and testing her creative methodology for over a decade. She has coached various types of profiles, from entrepreneurs to artists, and continues to do so in Beirut, Lebanon where she is based. In 2005, she received her BA in both Film and Writing from Emerson College in Boston and headed to New York City where she would work in the Film industry for over 5 years on major Hollywood films such as “Step Up 3D”, “The Adjustment Bureau” and “New York, I Love You” and popular TV shows such as “Bored to Death” and “The Good Wife.” During this time, she continued her training with award-winning screenwriter Jacob Krueger, where she spent over 2 years in his specialized studio finishing her first (of many) feature film screenplays. She moved back to Lebanon in 2011 and has since opened FADE IN:, growing it into a writing hub focused on educating aspiring writers on the creative process. She is also a professional screenwriter, heading her Writers Room to create internationally competitive television content. Most recently, she was invited to participate in a 5-week program that connects top level Middle Eastern Media professionals with Hollywood. 

For more on Nadia Tabbara, you can find her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram: @hycreativity and @tabbaranadia 

Her book “Harness Your Creative” is found in many book stores like Antoine, Virgin Megastore, and Malik’s.


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