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Global Ambitions

Almost all professional domains have transcended cultural and geographic boundaries and this means that people don’t all work in the same languages anymore. Now in response to this situation, etcetera suggests that: since English is recognized as the universal language of today, it makes the most sense that young and even experienced professionals speak and write it adequately. Our Business English program thus aims at getting people ready for such intercultural encounters through a firm grasp of the English language. Take control of both ends of the boardroom table today and negotiate in more than one tongue. 


Program Highlights

  • Offers leveled classes (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) that will accommodate your starting point
  • Administers one-to-one instruction in all of today’s required business related language skills
  • Personalized instruction to help you reach your individual goals efficiently
  • Provides business essentials: letter, memo writing, speech delivery and presentations, business reports, etc.