University Consulting at etcetera (UCE)
  • University Consulting at Etcetera (UCE)
Etcetera is pleased to add a new service to further accommodate students of all ages: University Consulting at Etcetera (UCE) is dedicated to consulting secondary and undergraduate students through the application process for undergraduate and graduate studies at university.
The consultant provides the following services:
  • Acquaint students with the requirements and opportunities of various fields of higher education. 
  • Assist students in recognizing their potential, skills and values and where those factors best fit in different career categories available in the job market. 
  • Provide students with the resources needed to research their future opportunities and therefore make decisions regarding post-secondary education and career choices.
  • Help students create a list of universities that is based on their interests and on the characteristics of each college.
  • Explain the requirements of each university.
  • Help students register for admission tests.
  • Help students write the best essay.
  • Advise students on extracurricular activities, grade objectives, and possible university majors. 
  • Service the students as they engage in procedures necessary for university admissions, scholarships, and financial aid.
  • The etcetera university consultant is available to students and their parents throughout the students' high school and/or undergraduate years.
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