Educational Teaching Consultancy comprises a warm, caring, and highly-skilled team of professionals with varying expertise. Our specialists work together to craft individualized learning plans that help learners foster the skills, abilities, and confidence necessary to succeed in today’s competitive educational climate.

Our educators also monitor your child’s performance and provide you with day-to-day feedback reports to evaluate your child's progress and learning goals.

  • Hiba Omeiche
    Hiba Omeiche
    MA & BA in English Literature, Minor in Education - American University of Beirut
    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Constant practice, perseverance, and a touch of fun learning are important keys to acquire and sustain information.
  • Jessica Halimeh
    Math and Science Teacher
    Jessica Halimeh

    MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics - American University of Beirut
    BS in Biochemistry - Lebanese University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    It's the will, persistence, self-confidence and belief that create thee. Success is the most valuable yet the most tiring act to accomplish. It needs sacrifice, hard work and most of all it needs passion and commitment. "Believe you can and you're half way there”

  • Omar Taha
    Math and Physics Teacher
    Omar Taha

    BA in Civil and Environmental Engineering – Beirut Arab University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Teaching  is inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn, making him/her think intensively and critically. I believe that education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. 

  • Farah Al Zouheiry
    Math and Science Teacher
    Farah Al Zouheiry

    BS in Medical Laboratory Science - Haigazian University
    Teaching Diploma in Science and Math - Haigazian University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Teaching is taking into consideration diversity and the individuality of each student by developing his/her unique skills, abilities and interests. It is making a certain concept reasonable, applicable and meaningful in the student’s real life with motivation and support so that the student will efficiently and productively succeed.

  • Hana Baroudi
    Math and Physics Teacher
    Hana Baroudi

    MA in Physics - American University of Beirut
    BS in Mathematics - Lebanese University
    BS in Physics and Teaching Diploma - Beirut Arab University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    A whole cup of interest, a dash or three of perseverance, a good dose of dedication, and a sprinkle of fun will bake an unforgettable learning experience for anyone.

  • Judy Chebly
    Math and Science Teacher
    Judy Chebly

    MA in Astrophysics - Strasbourg University of Sciences and Engineering
    BA in Physics - Lebanese University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin
    To make pupils interested in a topic, they should acknowledge that they are part of of the learning process. Hence, the curiosity, the will to learn, and the ambition will come naturally.

  • Hiba Merhi
    Math and Science Teacher
    Hiba Merhi

    MS in biology - Pierre and Marie Curie University
    BS in biology - Lebanese University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Teaching should be dynamic, fun, and must stimulate the interest and curiosity of the pupil.