Educational Teaching Consultancy comprises a warm, caring, and highly-skilled team of professionals with varying expertise. Our specialists work together to craft individualized learning plans that help learners foster the skills, abilities, and confidence necessary to succeed in today’s competitive educational climate.

Our educators also monitor your child’s performance and provide you with day-to-day feedback reports to evaluate your child's progress and learning goals.

  • Mahmoud Falah
    Mahmoud Falah

    BA in Arabic Literature - Lebanese University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    My responsibility as a teacher is not limited to displaying skills to my student but rather helping the child recognize the importance of the acquired knowledge through  "play - fun - learn" strategy using different teaching aids.

  • Amani Kaskas
    Arabic Teacher
    Amani Kaskas
    BA in Elementary Education (Arabic) - Modern University of Business and Science
    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    The teacher's role is to facilitate the student's learning making it possible for him to acquire the most important information using varied techniques at once. 
  • Caroline Yatim
    Arabic Teacher
    Caroline Yatim

    BA in Translation - Universite Saint Joseph

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Education has always been a passion for I consider it a message to the new generation rather than a solely academic mission. It is a career that must be coupled with genuine dedication and commitment to deliver an educational message and to instill the love of learning in the hearts of students. The teacher, thus, must work on improving the students’ self-confidence and skills. 

  • Ghida Hijazi
    Arabic Teacher
    Ghida Hijazi

    BA in Arabic Literature - Saint Joseph University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    As a teacher, I believe that my goal is not merely to improve the student’s skills in a certain subject but also to develop his intellectual curiosity and interest in the said subject. Thus, my recipe for successful learning is making the lessons fun and interesting for the student and allowing him to express his creativity.

  • Amar Chamas
    Arabic Teacher
    Amar Chamas

    BA in Political Studies and a minor in Arabic and Middle Eastern Languages - American University of Beirut

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    The problem is not the availability of knowledge; it's how hungry your mind is. Knowledge is power: the more you have it, the more power you have, the more you know why education maters. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. Thus, the teacher must incite the student's curiosity of learning through easy and enjoyable techniques and pave the way for the students to build their knowledge. 

  • Ghina Jamal
    Arabic Teacher
    Ghina Jamal

    BA in Translation- Lebanese American University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    An enchanting jumble of passion, dedication and willingness.
    Indeed, the most crucial role a teacher plays in the classroom is igniting students' creativity and instilling that special love of learning in their hearts. The key lies in giving students the chance to glow and show their worth because only then will they consider education valuable.