Educational Teaching Consultancy comprises a warm, caring, and highly-skilled team of professionals with varying expertise. Our specialists work together to craft individualized learning plans that help learners foster the skills, abilities, and confidence necessary to succeed in today’s competitive educational climate.

Our educators also monitor your child’s performance and provide you with day-to-day feedback reports to evaluate your child's progress and learning goals.

  • Dina Bakri
    Dina Bakri
    BA in Education - Lebanese American University
    My Recipe for Successful Learning: 
    Successful learning stems from successful teaching. The teacher’s role is in sowing the learning seeds and nurturing them until we can reap the fruit of knowledge.
  • Julien Brasseur
    Assistant Consultant
    Julien Brasseur

    MA & BA in Languages and Ancient Oriental Studies, minor in Political Science - Université Catolique de Louvain-la-Neuve

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Learning while having fun is key in developing a learner’s knowledge beyond any limit. Once all the right ingredients are mixed, this recipe becomes a piece of cake.

  • Mathilde Fournel
    French Teacher
    Mathilde Fournel

    Master Degree - Audencia Business School, Nantes, France

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Learning should always be a pleasure and never a chore! In order to learn properly, start by taking a huge amount of patience. Then, add a few drops of hard work and mix everything following a teacher piece of advice. Above all, do not forget to sprinkle top with a great deal of fun. This is it. You are now ready to learn almost anything!

  • Clara Abou Jaoude
    French Teacher
    Clara Abou Jaoude

    MA in the field of Banking and Business Related Translation - Saint-Joseph University
    BA in Language Teaching - Saint-Joseph University
    BA in Translation - Saint-Joseph University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Mix 15% motivation with 15% love and another 15% interaction and leave the mixture to rest. Add to it 30% one-on-one follow up and insert the mixture into every session. Spread the mixed ingredients in a big Pedagogical Strategy, sprinkle 15% fun on top and wait for magic to happen.

  • Faten Ballout
    French Teacher
    Faten Ballout

    Master in translation - Saint-Joseph University 
    BA in translation - Saint-Joseph University 

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Although the main purpose of any pedagogy is the transmission of knowledge and abilities, pleasure seems to me to be the most efficient strategy for a successful learning. Being a teacher, my duty is to create a loving, confident and non-threatening atmosphere to help students appreciate themselves. It is for this noble purpose that I dedicate myself to.