Educational Teaching Consultancy comprises a warm, caring, and highly-skilled team of professionals with varying expertise. Our specialists work together to craft individualized learning plans that help learners foster the skills, abilities, and confidence necessary to succeed in today’s competitive educational climate.

Our educators also monitor your child’s performance and provide you with day-to-day feedback reports to evaluate your child's progress and learning goals.

  • Christiane Nahas
    Christiane Nahas

    BA in English Literature - Lebanese University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    It is imperative for a teacher to have a positive relationship with the learner and establish a connection through successful communication. It's a give and take relationship, where control is shared and interactions are encouraged but within realistic limits. Key qualities to possess for the student to be enthusiastic and active during sessions include; motivation, understanding, patience, respect, and passion.

  • Myriam Kassem
    Myriam Kassem

    BA in Education - American University of Beirut

    My Recipe for Learning: 

    Teaching and learning are not limited to the classroom or academics. Thus, it's important for both parents and teachers to help students develop an attitude of curiosity and independence towards knowledge, because I believe that only then will learning be meaningful to students.

  • Lama Dada
    Test Prep & Second Language Consultant
    Lama Dada

    BA in Psychology - American University of Beirut
    Teaching Diploma in Special Education - American University of Beirut

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Perseverance, motivation, inquisitiveness, and ambition are the most essential ingredients for a healthy recipe of learning.

  • Tasnim Chaaban
    English Teacher
    Tasnim Chaaban
    BA in English Literature  - American University of Beirut
    BA in Media Communication - American University of Beirut
    Minor in Political Science - American University of Beirut
    My Recipe for Successful Learning: 
    Education is one of the most important tools to lead a successful life and develop the community around us. Further, education is what constitutes a nation. Hence, I believe that a teacher’s duty is to spark that passion and thirst for learning within the students in order for them to attain their goals.
  • Tanya Finnell
    English Teacher
    Tanya Finnell

    MA in Middle Eastern Studies - SOAS, University of London
    BA in International Relations with French - University of Kent at Canterbury

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    A harmonious blend of consistency, variety and high standards. Each day is a chance to learn something new and when focus as well as time are managed efficiently, it is astonishing how much any person can accomplish. I believe in the power of momentum and a positive atmosphere. This will always allow for the student to reach his or her full potential and nurture each child's innate love for learning.


  • Roy Khoury
    English Teacher
    Roy Khoury

    Master's degree in Classics and Ancient History - University of Durham, United Kingdom
    Bachelor's degree in English Literature ; Teaching Diploma ; Minor Degree in History and English Language - American University of Beirut

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    In today's increasingly complex and ever changing world, it has become more important than ever not just to learn, but to consistently relearn. In other words, intellectual success now more than ever runs in tandem with adaptability and flexibility. To achieve this, skill and technique, rather than content, need to be the indispensible components of contemporary learners.  

  • Nisreen Afiouny
    English Teacher
    Nisreen Afiouny

    BA in English literature - Lebanese University

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Indeed, rapid technological development has diverted learners away from what's indispensable, learning. Admittedly, it's essential for a learner to develop his logical, linguistic and emotional intelligence. This can only be achieved when an educator moves students up the Bloom's Taxonomy pyramid and requires them to apply, analyze, evaluate and synthesize information, which will result in an increased use of critical thinking skills and a greater chance for authentic learning.

  • Yasmine Bestami
    English Teacher
    Yasmine Bestami

    B.A in Psychology and Philosophy - Stony Brook University, New York

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    Understanding and learning are two sides of the very same fruitful and endlessly blissful coin. The key to successful learning, I believe, is to get every student to understand that understanding in itself, is ultimately the most enjoyable aspect of our human life. When a student realizes that what they are being taught in the context of a classroom is not simply academic, but more importantly, personal and essential, then, the passion to seek more knowledge will trump any difficulties or mishaps they may face along the way. 

  • Edward Hoyek
    English Teacher
    Edward Hoyek

    BS in Economics - Notre Dame University, Loueizeh

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    The classroom revolves around the student. Teachers should be expected to tailor any class to the student’s needs, personality, strengths and weaknesses, while also providing an environment that encourages laughter and learning. 

  • Rana Mzayek
    English Teacher
    Rana Mzayek

    BA in Psychology - Lebanese American University 

    My Recipe for Successful Learning:
    It is too often expected of the student to adapt to the lesson instead of the other way around. Modifying a lesson to a student’s capacity and potential is much more reasonable than coercing that student to fit one that doesn’t suit him/her.