• Nibal Ghandour
    Executive Assistant
    Nibal Ghandour

    MA in Business Administration - Morgan State University
    BA in Hospitality Management - Morgan State University

    My Recipe for Successful Management: 
    A pinch of care, a dash of love, a morsel of positive aura, a wide smile, and ambition are the essential ingredients for a successful path into management.  


  • Noelle Haddad
    Executive Assistant
    Noelle Haddad

    BA in Law - Lebanese University

    My Recipe for Successful Management: 
    The key for successful management is being influential not authoritarian, being strong not rude, being kind not weak, being proud not arrogant, and being bold not flippant. Success is not a chance; it is a deliberate choice and a result of proper attitude.
  • Rita Julien
    Executive Assistant
    Rita Julien

    BA in English Literature - Lebanese University

    My Recipe for Successful Management:
    The core elements of effectual management are plain, yet demanding and meticulous. Amalgamate positivity, keenness, boldness, empathy, and most importantly communicating rationally, and you will be setting the stepping stones towards successful management, that will definitely exhibit
    flourishing results.