Will my child be receiving one-to-one instruction?

At etcetera, we adopt the one-to-one learning model which ensures lessons are customized solely to cater to every learner’s needs. 

How many hours per week does my child need in order to show improvement?

On average, your child needs to attend at least 3 or 4 hours per week to show progress in a particular subject-matter.

What are the educational programs provided by etcetera?

We offer programs for:

1)      remediation
2)      enrichment
3)      homework

 All these programs cover all subjects including English, French, Arabic, math and sciences.

Does etcetera offer an afterschool homework service?

etcetera offers homework services to learners who have a few learning gaps. Otherwise, it is recommended that learners opt for the remediation services.

How long does my child need to attend etcetera for?

This depends on each child and the goals that have been set forth for him/her. We normally guarantee progress after 12 weeks if our recommendations are followed. 

How does etcetera pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of my child?

We administer a series of internationally acclaimed standardized assessments that detect your child’s exact strengths and weaknesses.

Are the teachers at etcetera qualified to teach my child?

All our teachers are handpicked based on their experience, educational background and most importantly fun spirit. All personnel at etcetera undergo constant training and evaluation in order to maximize the quality of education provided to your child.

What makes etcetera different from other learning centers?

We do not follow a teacher-centered one size fits all model. Lessons are developed based on the results of the standardized assessments administered prior to the remediation sessions. In addition, upon parental consent, our consultants collaborate with school-teachers and parents to exchange feedback on your child’s progress and ensure correct intervention procedures.

Our learner-centered approach:

- assesses your child's weaknesses and strengths using standardized tools.
- customizes lessons that address your child's learning needs.
- collaborates with your child's school to ensure progress.
- provides ongoing feedback and assessment.

How can I make sure my child is making progress?

etcetera keeps you informed on your child's performance by sending you daily feedback reports and cumulative reports that detail all the content covered and progress made.

Can the etcetera tutor come home to help my child?

etcetera does not outsource tutors. Remediation takes place in the center under the supervision of our professional consultants who work side by side with your child's tutor to ensure the best progress and results.